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Field Selector Tab

In the Field Selector tab, you can retrieve the leads by selecting the fields that you want. In the Retrieve activity, the Field Selector tab only supports Retrieve Lead by Id, Retrieve Multiple Leads, Retrieve Multiple Leads by List, and Retrieve Lead Changes APIs.

You can choose the fields that you require by selecting the check box on the left of the panel. Or you can choose all of the fields by clicking Select All in the upper-left corner of the panel.

When you add, update, or hide any custom fields in Field Management on a Marketo instance, click Refresh/Apply in Marketo Connection Shared Resource, and then you can sync the fields in the Field Selector tab by clicking any other tab and switching back to the Field selector tab. If the Marketo fields are not updated, retry it in 5-10 minutes.
Note: Before using this tab, ensure that you have selected a Marketo shared resource.