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General Tab

In the General tab, you can specify the required fields before you use the Retrieve activity.

The following table lists the configurations in the General tab of the Retrieve activity:
Field Module Property? Description
Name No The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Marketo Connection Yes Click Choose/Create Default Resource to select a Marketo shared resource.

If no matching Marketo shared resources are found, click Create Shared Resource to create one. See Creating a Marketo Connection for more details.

Timeout Yes The amount of time in milliseconds before you can execute the retrieve operation.

The value in this field is set to 30000 by default.

Resource No The resource types to be retrieved. The following resource types are available: Leads, List, Campaigns, Opportunity, Opportunity Role, Company, and Custom Objects.
Endpoint No An endpoint to be retrieved. The actual endpoint varies according to the following resources that you specified. For more detailed information, see the Marketo documentation.
Note: This field is available only when you select the Leads, List, Campaigns, , and Custom Objects resource.
If you select the Leads resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • Lead by Id: you can retrieve a single lead record from Marketo, with fields requested for a lead identified by the lead ID.
  • Multiple Leads: you can retrieve the lead records from Marketo for a group of leads that match the filter criteria.
  • Multiple Leads by List: you can retrieve multiple leads from a given list ID.
  • Lead Activity: you can retrieve activities for the requested activity types, such as form fill out or lead creation.
  • Lead Changes: you can retrieve change data value for leads.
If you select the List resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • List by Id: you can retrieve a single list using the list ID.
  • Multiple Lists: you can retrieve multiple lists through some filters. For example, IDs, names, programNames, and workspaceNames.
  • Member of List: you can check whether leads are a member of list.
If you select the Campaigns resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • Campaign by Id: you can retrieve a campaign using a campaign ID.
  • Multiple Campaigns: you can retrieve multiple campaigns.

If you select the Custom Objects resource, the endpoints that you created are available.