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General Tab

In the General tab, you can specify the required fields before you use the Upsert activity.

The following table lists the configurations in the General tab of the Upsert activity:

Field Module Property? Description
Name No The name to be displayed as the label for the activity in the process.
Marketo Connection Yes Click Choose/Create Default Resource to select a Marketo shared resource.

If no matching Marketo shared resources are found, click Create Shared Resource to create one. See Creating a Marketo Connection for more details.

Timeout Yes The amount of time in milliseconds before the HTTP connection is stopped if Marketo does not send any response. .

The value in this field is set to 30000 by default.

Resource No A resource type to be upserted. The following resource types are available: Leads, List, Campaigns, Opportunity, Opportunity Role, Company, and Custom Objects.
Endpoint No An endpoint to be upserted. The actual endpoints vary according to the following resources that you specified.
Note: This field is available only when you select the Leads, List, Campaigns, and Custom Objects resource.
If you select the Leads resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • Multiple Leads: you can create new leads within Marketo, or if the lead already exists, you can update it with the new values.
  • Associate: you can associate a lead with a cookie value. For example, you have the cookie value for an anonymous lead in Marketo, and you want to associate this anonymous lead data with a known lead.
  • Merge: you can merge leads.
If you select the List resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • Add Leads: you can add one or multiple leads to a list.
  • Remove Leads: you can remove one or multiple leads from a list.
If you select the Campaigns resource, the following endpoints are available:
  • Schedule Campaign: you can schedule a batch smart campaign to run either immediately or at a future date.
  • Request Campaign: you can run an existing Marketo lead in a Marketo smart campaign. The smart campaign must have a Campaign is Requested trigger with a Web Service API source.

If you select the Custom Objects resource, the endpoints that you created are available.