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Creating a NetSuite Connection Shared Resource

The NetSuite Connection shared resource is used for all the supported activities to manage your enterprise data.


The NetSuite Connection shared resource is available at the Resources level. Before creating a NetSuite Connection shared resource. Ensure that you have created a project as Creating a Project.


  1. Expand the created project in the Project Explorer view.
  2. Right-click the Resources folder and click New > NetSuite Connection.
  3. The resource folder, package name, and resource name of the NetSuite connection are provided by default. If you do not want to use the default configurations, change them accordingly. Click Finish to open NetSuite Connection Editor.

  4. Input the login email and password in the NetSuite Connection editor.

    See NetSuite Connection regarding the configuration fields.

  5. Select the way to connect to the NetSuite server from Authentication Type.
    • If you choose USER CREDENTIAL from Authentication Type, input a valid value for Application ID.
    • If you choose TOKEN BASED AUTHENTICATION from Authentication Type, input values for Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token Id, and Token Secret.
  6. Click Retrieve Account Information to configure Login Account and Login Role automatically.
  7. Click Test Connection to validate the connection.