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Add Endpoint Information of TIBCO Cloud Integration Listener Application to Netsuite Website


  1. Configure the TIBCO Cloud Integration application endpoint information in the RecordListenerHTTPConfig.xml configuration file.

    The RecordListenerHTTPConfig.xml configuration file, which is located in the TIBCO_HOME/bwcloud/palettes/netsuite/version_number/suitescript directory, is shipped with the plug-in installation.

    The following figure shows the configuration in the RecordListenerHTTPConfig.xml file.

    See HTTP Server Configuration for detailed information about how to configure the TIBCO Cloud Integration application endpoint information.

  2. Upload the configuration file to the NetSuite website.
    1. Log on to the NetSuite website as an administrator.
    2. Click Documents > Files > SuiteScripts from the menu bar.
    3. Create a new folder named TibcoNetSuiteEventSource in the SuiteScripts folder.
    4. Upload the RecordListenerHTTPConfig.xml file to the CompanyID folder under the SuiteScripts/TibcoNetSuiteEventSource/Environment directory.