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Running User Event Script in NetSuite

To use the NetSuite Record Listener activity, you must run the user event script in NetSuite system to define the user event to listen to.

For more information on how to run script in NetSuite system, see SuiteScript Developer & Reference Guide.


  1. Log on to the NetSuite website as an administrator.
  2. Upload the TibcoUserEvent.js file, which is located in the TIBCO_HOME/bwcloud/palettes/netsuite/version_number/suitescript directory, to the TibcoNetSuiteEventSource folder in the NetSuite website.
    1. Click Documents > Files > Suitescripts from the menu bar.
    2. Upload the TibcoUserEvent.js file to the TibcoNetSuiteEventSource folder.
  3. Click Customization > Scripting > Scripts > New from the NetSuite website menu.
  4. Select TibcoUserEvent.js from SCRIPT FILE, and Click Create Script Record.
  5. Click User Event.
  6. Specify the following information:
    • Input an event name in NAME field.
    • Select TibcoUserEvent.js from SCRIPT FILE.
    • Input a value in AFTER SUBMIT FUNCTION field.
  7. Click Save and Deploy.
  8. Select Account from APPLIES TO.
  9. Select Testing or Released from STATUS.
    Note: If you select Testing as the deployment status of a script, the script is executed only for the script owner.
  10. Select Create, Edit, or Delete from EVENT TYPE.
    Note: This plug-in only supports the Create, Edit, and Delete event types. If you do not select any event types in the EVENT TYPE field, the deployed script is executed on the Create, Edit, and Delete events.
  11. Click Save.

    You can view your script by clicking Customization > Scripting > Scripts from the NetSuite website menu.