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Overview of WSDL and Schemas

The SuiteTalk WSDL and Schemas are required for design time configuration and runtime execution of various activities supported by this plug-in.

SuiteTalk WSDL

Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML-based interface description language that is used to describe the functionality offered by a web service. SuiteTalk WSDL provides a complete description of available services, operations, and messages.

NetSuite provides several versions of SuiteTalk WSDL and Schemas. Versions 2017_2, 2017_1, 2016_2, 2016_1, 2015_2, 2015_1, and 2014_2 are shipped by default with this plug-in. After installation, you can find them in the TIBCO_HOME/bwcloud/palettes/netsuite/version_number/wsdls directory.

You can download other versions of SuiteTalk WSDL and schemas from the NetSuite platform by using the Get WSDL and Schema Tool.

SuiteTalk Schemas

SuiteTalk Schemas define various elements, attributes, and their corresponding types that make up a record. It also defines the semantics for various errors and faults that are raised due to the invocation of SuiteTalk web service operations.