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Refreshing Metadata

The Refreshing Metadata operation can be used to retrieve updated schemas from the server.

Schema objects might change between the development phase and the production phase, or change over time. It is important to decide whether to accept or reject changes. If you accept a change, you are warned that all processes referring to the metadata might be impacted.


  1. Right-click the application module in the Project Explorer view, and then click BW Salesforce Tools > Refresh Metadata.
  2. Click OK in the Refresh Salesforce Metadata window to perform the operation.
    • If no update of the metadata on the server is available, then just click the relevant buttons to finish the operation.
    • If the metadata on the server is different from the local metadata, a window opens, as shown in the following figure. Fields changed on the server are displayed in the window.
  3. Click relevant buttons to perform corresponding operations.
    • Click OK to accept the updated result.
    • Click Cancel to reject this result.
    • Click Save As to save the result to an .xml file.