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Getting Metadata

Salesforce Metadata resource describes the schema definition metadata for a given organization as a XML Schema Definition (XSD).


Before getting metadata for your project, you must create a Salesforce connection, with which you can download and store metadata as an XSD resource in the TIBCO Business Studio project during design time. For more information, see Create a Salesforce Connection.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the application module and click BW Salesforce Tools > Get Metadata from the pop-up menu.
  2. Click browse next to the Salesforce Connection field to select one usable connection for the current activity.
  3. Click OK in the Select Salesforce Connection window.
  4. Click OK in the Get Salesforce Metadata window.
    The Salesforce_Metadata.xsd and sforce_partner.xsd schemas are displayed in the SalesforceResources folder of the application module in the Project Explorer view:
    • The Salesforce_Metadata.xsd schema is a metadata schema that comes from a specified database on the server.
    • The sforce_partner.xsd schema stores some public data properties.
    Note: When selecting an Enterprise WSDL for your project, you do not have to perform the Getting Metadata operation to get Salesforce metadata. The Enterprise WSDL contains Salesforce metadata.