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Configuring a Process

After creating a project, an empty process is created. You can add activities to the empty process to complete a task. For example, get a record of Problem module.


Ensure that you have created an empty process when Creating a Project, and downloaded the corresponding WSDL file when Downloading a WSDL File.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, click the created project and open the empty process from the Processes folder.
  2. Select an activity from the Palette view and drop it in the Process editor. For example, select and drop the Timer activity from the General Activities palette and the ServiceNowInvoke activity from the ServiceNow palette.
  3. Drag the icon to create a transition between the added activities.
  4. Configure the added ServiceNowInvoke activity, as described in ServiceNow Palette.
    Note: After configuring the activity, the following shared resources are created in the Resources folder by default:
    • Keystore Provider Shared Resource
    • SSL Client Shared Resource
    • HTTP Client Shared Resource
    • Identity Provider Shared Resource
  5. Expand Module Descriptors and double-click Module Properties to update the module properties with your own information.
  6. Optional: Expand Resources > project_name.snow to edit the following shared resources:
  7. Optional: Expand Resources > project_name.snow.module_name to edit the following shared resources:
  8. Click File > Save All to save the project.