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Downloading a WSDL File

After creating a project, you have to download a WSDL file by using the Workday tool to connect to inbound operations implemented by Workday.


Ensure that you have created a project, as described in Creating a Project.

Use the WSDL files that are downloaded with your own account. The value of the location attribute in the soapbind:address element in the WSDL file must contain the host URL, so the WorkdayInvoke activity works correctly.


  1. Right-click the project that you just created in the Project Explorer view, and select Workday Tools > Download WSDL.
  2. In the Download WSDL dialog, enter the URL that the WSDL file is located in the WSDL URL field.
    Note: The Workday download tool supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The HTTPS protocol does not support self-signed HTTPS website.
  3. Optional: If you have downloaded the WSDL file from the Workday website and want to access the WSDL file in your intranet, select the Authentication check box to authenticate your right to access the intranet where the WSDL file is saved. Enter the values in the User Name and Password fields to access the intranet.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Download WSDL dialog, click OK to download the WSDL file. Click OK when the download is completed.
    The WSDL file is downloaded under Project_Name > Service Descriptors.
  6. From the menu, click Project > Clean to clean the project. In the Clean dialog, click OK.