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Downloading TIBCO Cloud Integration Tools

After successful login, on the welcome page, you can then download the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface or TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition.

  1. From the top navigation bar, click Downloads.

  2. You are presented with a page where available tools are listed.

  3. Select a tool, such as the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface (CLI), and the screen displays the available versions of the TIBCO Cloud CLI across supported platforms. The highlighted version is the tool version compatible to your native platform.
  4. Click Download for the detected platform and the download begins.

  5. You can also select another platform and download a tool version different from your native platform.

The downloaded tool is customized for the user who downloaded it. The customization includes the username, user sandbox, and other such information necessary to enable seamless working of the tool with the TIBCO Cloud Integration services.