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Installing the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface

After downloading the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface (CLI), perform the following steps to install it.

The downloaded TIBCO Cloud CLI is customized for the user who downloaded it. The customization includes the username, user sandbox, and other such information necessary to enable seamless working of the TIBCO Cloud CLI with the TIBCO Cloud Integration services.

You must activate your account before you use the TIBCO Cloud CLI. See Registering a TIBCO Cloud Integration Account for more information.

  1. Move the tibcli or tibcli.exe executable to a location on your local drive. For example, copy it to c:\tibcli\ (for Windows) or ~/tibcli/ (for Unix or Mac OS X).

    Note: The tibcli or tibcli.exe executable should not be in the same directory as the app you are pushing.

  2. Add the directory to your path.

    For Linux/Mac:

    1. Enter echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/tibcli' >> $HOME/.profile.
    2. Close and reopen your shell, or enter source $HOME/.profile.

    For Windows:

    1. Click Computer.
    2. Click System properties, then click Advanced system settings.
    3. Click Environment Variables.
    4. Edit the PATH variable and add c:\tibcli\.
    5. Click OK, then click OK.
  3. For Unix or Mac OS X systems, change the permissions of the tibcli executable as follows:

     chmod 755 tibcli
  4. Open a command prompt, and run the command:

     tibcli --version

    You will get an output like this:

     tibcli version 1.0.0