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Configuring App Properties

You can late-bind property values for an integration app on the Apps page, in the Environment Controls tab. The current values of app properties can be inspected, modified, or reset to their defaults.

Saving the new configuration changes will restart the app with the new values. This enables you to modify properties without pushing and building a new EAR file, speeding up changes for moving from test to production, or changing credentials or other variables.

To view and change app properties:

  1. Log in to TIBCO Cloud Integration.
  2. From the top navigation bar, click Apps.
  3. Click a running integration app in the listed apps.
  4. Click the Environment Controls tab.
  5. Click Application variables.

    A list of app variables is shown in the Application Variables pane. For each property, the name, type, and value are shown.

  6. When you first open the Environment Controls tab, application variables are shown. You can also view and edit environment variables by clicking Environment Variables.

  7. To change a property, click the displayed value and enter a new value. To return the value to its default value, click Set to Default.

    Note: Password property values are encrypted on the server using strong encryption. They can only be used by your app and can not be inspected. You can set password properties in either plaintext or by using the BusinessWorks obfuscated format. See Configuring App Properties With the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface for more details on using bwobfuscator.

  8. After you have made changes, the No updates to push text in the upper right will change to two links: Cancel Changes and Update App. Click Update App to restart the app with the new values, or click Cancel Changes to revert changes to the default values.