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Integrating With TIBCO Mashery®

In TIBCO Cloud Integration, you can publish an app’s endpoint to TIBCO Mashery, to use Mashery’s features for API management on that endpoint.

Note: You must create a TIBCO Mashery user account before you begin.

To publish an endpoint to Mashery:

  1. Log in to TIBCO® Cloud Integration.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Click an app in the listed apps, then click the shortcut menu. (You can also alternately click the shortcut menu from the App Details page.) Note that the app must have at least one​ endpoint having a Swagger API.​
  4. Below the endpoint you wish to publish, click Publish to Mashery.

  5. The Publish to Mashery dialog box is shown. Enter your Username, Password, Area UUID and Traffic Manager Domain to connect to Mashery.

    Note: To find the Area UUID and Traffic Manager Domain, log in to your Mashery account and click the Area Name in the API Control Center top header. This shows the Area Name and Area ID in a dialog box. The Area UUID is the same as the Area ID. The Traffic Manager Domain is <your-area-name>

    Click Next.

  6. Select a Mashery API Definition. (In Mashery, an API Definition is referred to as a Service.) The endpoints will be published to this API Definition.

  7. Select an existing API Definition. You can use the sort control and search box to find existing definitions within your account. You can also click +New Definition to create a new API Definition. After you have entered a name, click Create.

  8. Select one or more endpoint operations you want to publish to the API Definition. There will be one Mashery endpoint created per unique path. For example, if you select PUT /pets and PUT /dogs, those will be two different Mashery endpoints. After selecting the operations, click Next.

  9. Next, you must select a package and a plan where the API will be included. Packages are a collection of plans which in turn are a collection of API definitions which contain endpoints.

    First, select from an existing package in the left pane, or click + to add a new package. If there are not any available packages, you will be prompted to add one.

    After selecting a package, select one or more plans in the right pane, or click + to add a new plan. If there are not any available plans, you will be prompted to add one.

    You can also choose to publish your API without selecting a plan. To do this, click the Add button.

    After selecting a package and plans, the Add button will change to a Publish button. Click Publish.

  10. The selected operations are then published to the selected Mashery API definition. On the confirmation dialog box, there will be a link to the Mashery Control Center where you can manage your endpoints. Click Done to finish the integration.

    If you did not select a package and plan, you will receive a message saying your endpoints were added, but not available. You can go to the Mashery Control Center and add them to a plan by clicking the link.