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Pushing an App

To push a TIBCO BusinessWorks App or Node.js App:

  1. Log in to TIBCO Cloud Integration.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. First, create a new app, as outlined in Creating an App. This creates an empty app. The app creation page with the available build types is shown.

    For this example, we will push a TIBCO BusinessWorks App, which consists of an EAR archive file and a manifest file manifest.json. For Node.js apps, it is a ZIP archive file. See Pushing and Deploying Node.js Apps for more information.


    • If there is an existing app with an identical name as the app that you are trying to push to the cloud, the existing app will be overwritten with the newly pushed app. You will not see a warning about it.

    • Application archives cannot exceed 25 MB in total size.

  4. Click the TIBCO BusinessWorks App tile. The Push App window is displayed.

  5. Drag and drop the EAR archive file and manifest file manifest.json files onto this window. If you are using Chrome, you can drag a folder into this window. You can also click browse to upload and find the files on your system.

  6. Click Push.

    You will now be shown the progress of the app as it is being uploaded, built, and deployed.

Note: Do not refresh your browser after clicking Push until the push operation has completed. Refreshing the page will cancel the operation.