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Viewing Logs

You can view logs for your apps on the Log tab of an Apps details page.

There are two types of logs. Runtime logs are produced after the app is started, as the app runs. Buildtime logs are created when an app is pushed, built, and deployed.

Runtime Logs

Runtime logs can be viewed in a scrolling real-time display, or you can select a time range to view historical logs.

To view runtime logs:

  1. Log in to TIBCO Cloud Integration.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Click a running app in the listed apps.
  4. Click the Log tab.

    The last hour of runtime app logs are displayed in a scrolling window in the Log tab, and will continually update in real time. They are refreshed every ten seconds, and new log data is added to the top of the display.

  5. You can search through log entries using the search box.

  6. By default, logs are summarized in a table format. You can also view the raw logs by clicking the Raw tab. Return to the table view by clicking Table.

  7. By default, all log information is shown. You can also filter logs to only show specified levels of logs, such as only showing error logs. To filter logs, select one or more log levels in the Level control.

  8. Logs can be downloaded by clicking the Download button.

In addition to real-time logs, you can also view historical logs from a specified range.

To view historical logs:

  1. Click a range in the Time range control to select a range of logs to view.

  2. Clicking a time range will deactivate the Realtime control to toggle off real-time logs. To return to real time logs, click the Realtime switch.

  3. In addition to the predefined times in the Time range control, you can also specify a custom time range by selecting the Custom range and entering a range.

Buildtime Logs

When you first open the log tab, runtime logs are shown. You can also view buildtime logs, which are created when an app is pushed, built, and deployed. If an error or failure occurs during the build time, such as the runtime instance exceeding your subscription entitlement or a compilation error when your Flogo app is built, the buildtime log gives you visibility of what has happened.

To view buildtime logs:

  1. Click the Buildtime switch:

    Buildtime logs are then shown:

  2. To return to runtime logs, click the Runtime switch.

  3. Buildtime logs are always historical, and not real-time. The Realtime switch is not available for buildtime logs.

  4. By default, the last thirty minutes of buildtime logs are shown. If you have scaled up and down an app multiple times, you may have more than thirty minutes of logs. To view more logs, use the time range controls as described above in the runtime logs section.

  5. You can also select log levels, select a raw log view, download, and search buildtime logs using the same controls described above in the runtime logs section.