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VPN Prerequisites

The hybrid connectivity VPN feature supports connectivity to the following VPNs:

  • Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN (using Cisco AnyConnect protocol)
  • Juniper SSL VPN (using Juniper Network Connect protocol)

The following limitations apply:

  • Currently only IPv4 connections are supported.

  • If the VPN server exposes subnets that overlap the Docker bridge network CIDR (, we will block the traffic to such networks. The traffic to other exposed networks will not be affected. When we detect the network overlaps, we log a message to the app log with severity WARNING.

  • When you enable VPN connectivity for an App, every container for that App will start a VPN client and attempt to connect to the remote VPN network. If connected, only that specific container will have access to the on-premise resources. Every container will establish a new VPN connection that is independent of the VPN connections established by other containers and completely isolated.