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Using a VPN in an App

To use hybrid connectivity, you must add a VPN connection to your App. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Add the VPN connection to your App in TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition. This sets the VPN in the App manifest. When you push the app (from TIBCO Business Studio, or using the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface (CLI), or from the Web interface) it will use the VPN connection defined in the manifest.

  • Attach a connection to an existing TIBCO BusinessWorks App or Node.js App on the App Details page.

Note: For either method, you must create a connection first. See Creating a VPN Connection for more details.

To add a connection to an existing TIBCO BusinessWorks App or Node.js App:

  1. Log in to TIBCO Cloud Integration.
  2. Click the Apps menu.
  3. Click a running TIBCO BusinessWorks App or Node.js App in the listed Apps.
  4. Click the Environment Controls tab.
  5. Click the VPN Connections link.
  6. Select a VPN connection from the list. Details on the connection will be shown, including its current status.

  7. After you have made changes, the No updates to push text in the upper right will change to two links: Cancel Changes and Update App. Click Update App to restart the App with the new values, or click Cancel Changes to revert changes to the default values.

If the VPN connection is deleted, you will see a message in the VPN list saying the connection was deleted, and to restart the app. You can select No VPN from the list to active the Update button, and restart your App.