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Hybrid Connectivity Overview

Hybrid connectivity refers to the ability to connect Apps hosted in TIBCO Cloud Integration to services running on-premise in your network using a virtual private network (VPN). To accomplish this, you can configure a VPN client within TIBCO® Cloud Integration to connect to a VPN server within your network.

Hybrid Connectivity enables you to access databases or services hosted on your networks from a TIBCO BusinessWorks App or Node.js App running in the cloud. Your on-premise services such as JDBC, FTP, JMS, and so on could then be used by Apps. It does not require exposing your database or service as a public Internet service, so there are no open ports on your side.

Hybrid connectivity supports Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPNs (using the Cisco AnyConnect protocol) and Juniper SSL VPNs (using the Juniper Network Connect protocol.) For more details, see Prerequisites.

A VPN connection defines the connectivity settings and credentials required to enable a VPN connection to your on-premise VPN server. After creating a connection, you can then attach it to an App, and the App can connect to on-premise TCP services with the VPN.