About Apps

TIBCO® Cloud Integration hosts and runs instances of applications, or apps, of three different types:

  • Integration apps, developed using TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition
  • Mock apps
  • Microflow® apps
  • Node.js apps

To see the apps available, from the top navigation bar, click Apps. The Apps page lists all the apps.

Each app listed has the following information displayed:

  • The name.
  • The last created, modified, or pushed date and time.
  • The sandbox an app belongs to.
  • The number of running instances over the number of requested instances.
  • The type of implementation of an app.
  • The application endpoints. If an application has no implementation or endpoint, this link is not displayed.

The status of an app is color-coded as follows:

  • Green if all instances are running.
  • Gray if none of the instances of an app are running.
  • Amber if an app requires your attention.
  • White if an app does not have an implementation.