About Apps

TIBCO® Cloud Integration hosts and runs instances of applications, or apps, of three different types:

  • Integration apps, developed using TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition
  • Mock apps
  • Microflow® apps

To see the apps available, from the top navigation bar, click Apps. The Apps page lists all the apps.

The following sample apps will be preloaded when you first create your account:

  • Sample API specification: TIBCO Cloud Integration PetStore - A simple API that showcases some of the features and functions of the API modeling component.
  • Sample Integration app: Petstore - a simple application that takes the above mentioned API and implements it. The sources are available as part of the TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition installation.
  • Sample Microflow app: Simple Petstore - a sample Microflow application that uses the same API but references an endpoint outside TIBCO Cloud Integration to demonstrate we can access endpoints that are outside the platform.

Each app listed has the following information displayed:

  • The name.
  • The last created, modified, or pushed date and time.
  • The sandbox an app belongs to.
  • The number of running instances over the number of requested instances.
  • The type of implementation of an app.
  • The application endpoints. If an application has no implementation or endpoint, this link is not displayed.

The status of an app is color-coded as follows:

  • Green if all instances are running.
  • Gray if none of the instances of an app are running.
  • Amber if an app requires your attention.
  • White if an app does not have an implementation.