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Create API Page Help

The Create API page, also called the API Visual Modeler page, enables you to create a new API or edit an existing API.

At the top of the page are items related to the API definition:

Item Description
Name and Version The name and version of the API. Click either item to change the name and version.
Last Modified When the API was last modified. The time is local to your browser.
Add/edit an API description An optional description of the API. Click to view, add, or change the description text.
Group The group in which the API spec has been placed. You can move API specs to different groups on the API Modeler page.
Export Exports the API to either JSON or YAML.
Preview Shows the API in the API Preview page.
< Click < to exit the API Visual Modeler page.

At the left of the page are items which enable you to change API resources. Click Add Resource to add a resource and methods to your API. You can click resources and methods to preview them in the right side of the page, and edit and delete them.

For more details on API modeling, see Modeling an API.