API Modeler Page Help

The API Modeler page lists all the API specifications imported and created by you. On this page, you can import API specifications or create your own REST APIs.

Item Description
Page Selector Chose My API specs to list all current API specifications, or choose Trash to view all removed API specifications, and either restore or permanently delete them. See Managing API Specifications in Trash for more details.
Search Enter a search term to search all API names, versions, and descriptions. Matching APIs will be displayed. Searches are case-insensitive and support partial match, but not wild cards. You can also use double quotes around a string to find the exact match.
Remove Select one or more checkboxes next to an API, or the top checkbox to select all APIs, then click Remove to move APIs to the trash.
Create Prompts you for an API name and goes to the Create API page.
Uploads a new API. There are options to Import files or Import URL.

For each API entry, the following columns are shown:

Column Description
API Name The name of the API. To edit an existing API, click its API Name to go to the Create API page for that API.
Version The version of the API.
Description The description of the API.
Last Modified When the API was last modified.
Preview When you hover over an API entry, a preview action appears. Click to open the Swagger preview of the API
Shortcut menu See below for items in this menu.

You can sort the list of APIs by clicking any column heading.

The following items are in the shortcut menu:

Item Description
Create Mock app Creates a new Mock app for the API
Go to Mock app Opens the Application Details page for a Mock app created with Create Mock app.
Generate Node.js code Generates and downloads code stubs for a skeleton Node.js app for the API
Edit Opens the Create API page to edit that API.
Remove Deletes the API.