App Create Page Help

The App Create page enables you to specify an app type for an app you are creating.

The following app types can be created:

App Type Description
Mock app A Mock app is based on an existing API spec to allow for development and testing against a live endpoint. When you click the Create a Mock app icon, you will be prompted to choose an API spec. After you click Create, you are directed back to the Application Details page. See Creating an API Mock Application for more details.
Integration app An Integration app is an app built using TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition which you can upload and deploy to TIBCO® Cloud Integration. When you click the Push an integration app icon, a window opens where you can drag and drop or select the manifest and archive files to push. See Pushing an App for more details.
Microflow app In a Microflow® app, you can configure stages on your API, manage and enforce stages such as throttling and transformation, and create custom stages. When you click the Mock app icon, you will be prompted to enter a URL for the endpoint Swagger API. After you click Create, you are directed to the Microflow Create page. See Creating a Microflow® Application for more details.