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Apps Page Help

The Apps page displays a table of TIBCO Cloud Integration apps for your account.

Click an entry to go to the App Details page for that app.

The sandbox list is at the top left of the page. It contains the following functions:

Item Description
Sandbox Name Shows the name of the current sandbox. This determines what apps are shown on the Apps page.
Shortcut Menu Displays information about the sandbox, including name, display name, ID, description, and when it was created and last modified. Click Edit to change the sandbox’s display name, name, and description. Click the trash can icon to delete the sandbox.
Sandbox List Click the carat control to show a list of all sandboxes. Click a sandbox to display only that sandbox’s apps on the Apps page.
+New Adds a new sandbox. You are first promoted if you want to create a personal or operational sandbox. You will then be prompted for the sandbox name and description.

The following controls are at the top right of the page:

Item Description
Sort Enables you to sort the apps displayed on the page by app name, type, status, or when they were last updated.
Create Prompts you for a new app name and goes to the App Create page.
Uploads a new app.

For each app entry, the following is shown:

Item Description
Indicator Icon A “stoplight” icon showing if the app is running or stopped, and the number of required and currently running app instances. The icon is green for a running app, red for a stopped app, or yellow for a deploying app. Click the Indicator Icon to show controls to scale an app.
App Name The app’s name and type.
Date The date when the app was last modified.
App Type The app type. App types TIBCO BusinessWorks App, TIBCO Flogo® App, API Mock App, Node.js App, or no implementation.
Sandbox The sandbox in which the app is located.
Endpoint Click to see the app’s endpoints. Endpoints are displayed in a list. The following controls are also included for each endpoint:
  Copy - Copies the app endpoint URL to the clipboard.
  Download Spec - Downloads the endpoint API in JSON format.
  Publish to Mashery - Publishes an app’s endpoint to TIBCO Mashery, to use Mashery’s features for API management on that endpoint.
  View API - Opens the base endpoint URL in a new window.
Shortcut menu
The shortcut menu contains the following items:
  Replace app - Pushes an EAR archive and manifest containing a new version of an app’s implementation. This can be used to update a TIBCO BusinessWorks App, or replace an API Mock App with a TIBCO BusinessWorks App.
  Move to a different sandbox - Moves the app to another existing sandbox. After selecting this item, a list of all available sandboxes will be shown.
  Delete app - Removes an app from the system.

Note: If your account is part of multiple organizations, you are prompted to choose an organization when you log in. You will only see personal sandboxes you created associated with that organization, and operational sandboxes associated with that organization. Also, you will only be able to see apps in the sandboxes visible to your current organization.