Pushing an App With the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface

  1. Before you begin, download and install the CLI, as shown in Downloading TIBCO Cloud Integration Tools and Installing the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface.
  2. Move your app and the manifest.json file into a temporary directory, and then change to that directory.

    For example, given an application myApp.ear and manifest in your home directory:

     mkdir tmp-app
     cd tmp-app
     cp ~/myApp.ear .
     cp ~/manifest.json .

    Note: The tibcli or tibcli.exe executable should not be in the same directory as the app you are pushing.

  3. Log in with the TIBCO Cloud CLI as shown in Logging In With the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface.

    For example:

     tibcli login 
  4. Push the app using the tibcli app push command.

    For example, push the app in the current directory:

     tibcli app push 

Note: If there is an existing app with an identical name as the app that you are trying to push to the cloud, the existing app will be overwritten with the newly pushed app. You will not see a warning about it.