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Using Sandboxes With the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface

Sandboxes are logical partitions which can be used to organize or categorize different apps. You can use the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface (CLI) to create, list, update, or delete sandboxes. You can specify sandbox locations in other TIBCO Cloud CLI commands.

  1. The sandbox create command is used to create a new sandbox working environment. For example, to create a sandbox named myTest with a description and display name:

     sandbox create --desc "My test sandbox" --disp "Joe test sandbox" myTest

    Note: sandbox names must start with a letter or underscore and can include letters, digits, periods, underscores, and dashes.

  2. The sandbox list command is used to show information about a sandbox. For example, to list information for the sandbox named myTest:

     tibcli sandbox list myTest
  3. The sandbox update command is used to change one or more attributes of the sandbox for the current user. For example, to change the name, description, and display name of sandbox myTest:

     sandbox update --newName myTest2 --newDesc "My second test sandbox" --newDisp "Joe test sandbox 2" myTest
  4. The sandbox delete is used to delete a sandbox. It can only be used when there are no apps in the sandbox. For example, to delete the empty sandbox myTest2:

     tibcli sandbox delete myTest2
  5. You can move apps from one sandbox to another using the app move command. For example, to move the app myApp1 from myTestBox to myDevBox:

     tibcli app move myTestBox myApp1 myDevBox

    After an app is moved to a different sandbox, the app will restart. The app endpoint does not change. The number of instances remain unchanged.

  6. All app commands in which you can specify an app name argument also have an option to specify a sandbox in which the app is located, with the --sandbox or -s option. For example, to scale up the app myapp1 in the sandbox myTestBox by adding three instances:

     tibcli app scaleup --sandbox myTestBox 3 myapp1  

Note: Operational sandboxes are not visible from the TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface Reference. No commands or actions will work with operational sandboxes from within the TIBCO Cloud CLI. You can create and manipulate apps in a personal sandbox, then promote it to an operational sandbox from the Web UI.