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Stage Reference

A stage is a piece of reusable code that performs specific capabilities for the API. Stages are used to provide capabilities as throttling, caching, and routing without requiring you to create any code. Besides, you can use Custom JavaScript stage to create your own stage if no out-of-the-box stage exists.

The following stage are available in Microflow®:

  • Caching Stage: use this stage to store and retrieve data in a temporary cache. Each GET method can have only one Caching stage configured.
  • Throttling Stage: use this stage to control the number of concurrent requests per second. Each operation can have only one Throttling stage configured.
  • Transformation Stage: use this stage to transform the incoming JSON object to another JSON object using JavaScript code.
  • Routing Stage: use this stage to route the request to another destination according to the configured routing rules. One Microflow app can contain only one Routing stage.
  • Custom JavaScript Stage: use this stage to create custom Stages for the request pipeline and response pipeline using JavaScript code or the Node JS modules provided by TIBCO.