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Introduction to Microflow®

TIBCO Cloud Integration - Microflow is the consumer-specific contract that you create for an app. It isolates the app-facing API from your back-end service and allows a single backend to provide the same service for multiple consumers.

TIBCO® Cloud Integration - Microflow also provides the functionality to link a front-end API to a back-end API. In this way, you can derive a number of services from a base backend service without any code changes. See Adding a Front-End API for API Customization for more information.

By default, a Microflow app against the Petstore service is created, which has a set of stages applied to various operations. You can scale up the app to run it or push the app directly. A Microflow App is an instance of Microflow that fulfills a specific contract to apply different stages to the API operations. A stage is a piece of reusable code that performs specific capabilities for the API.

Walk through the Getting Started tutorial to create and run a Microflow app.