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Viewing and Downloading Microflow® App Logs

After deploying a Microflow app, you can view the real-time logs of the app or the historical logs in the specified time range.

To view logs of a deployed Microflow app, complete these steps:

  1. On the Apps page, click a Microflow app; you are directed to App Details page.
  2. Click the Log tab. The last hour of app logs is displayed in the Log area. The logs are refreshed every ten seconds, and new log data is added at the bottom of the display.

  3. Use the following options to control how much log information is displayed:

    • Select a time range in the Time range control to view logs of the range. In addition to the predefined time ranges, you can also click the Custom option to specify a different time range.

    • By default, the Real time switch is turned on. The last hour of app logs is displayed. If you want to view the logs in a specified time range, toggle the switch to off and select a time range.

    • By default, all log information is shown. You can also filter logs to only show specified levels of logs by selecting the corresponding level, such as only showing INFO and WARNING logs as shown.

  4. Click in the Download control to download logs in a specified time range.