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Introduction to Node.js Apps

In addition to integration apps, TIBCO Cloud Integration also supports running Node.js apps. This enables you to implement your API in the Node.js programing language and run it in TIBCO® Cloud Integration.

Cloud Integration can generate the API server code stubs as a template Node.js app based on an API specification. (This supports API specifications in Swagger format which conform to the Open API standard - see for more details.) The server stub code leverages the Express ( Node.js web app framework. You can then start with the stubs and write your code in the editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of your choice. You can also add and use any available Node.js modules through the NPM mechanism to your implementation.

After implementing the app, you can push it to Cloud Integration using the web UI or TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface.

Node.js apps can be administered and managed in a similar fashion to integration apps. You can scale apps, get app logs, move apps to different sandboxes, and delete apps in the same way as integration apps.

For more details on getting started, see Creating a Node.js App.