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Managing Node.js Apps

Node.js apps can be administered and managed in a similar fashion to TIBCO Cloud Integration integration apps. You can scale apps, get app logs, move apps to different sandboxes, and delete apps in the same way as integration apps.

Starting, Stopping, and Scaling Node.js Apps

You can scale a Node.js app to change the number of running instances on the Apps page in the same way as an integration app. Scaling is also used to start an app that has no running instances, or stop an app by scaling it down to zero instances.

See Starting, Stopping, and Scaling Apps for more information.

Viewing and Downloading Node.js App Logs

Like integration apps, you can view logs for your Node.js apps on the Log tab of an App details page. Logs can be viewed in a scrolling real time display, or you can select a time range to view historical logs. You can also download historical app logs from a specified time/date range.

See Viewing Logs and Downloading Logs for more information.

Viewing Node.js App Metrics

You can monitor the performance metrics of your Node.js apps on the Metrics tab of an App details page. This tab displays performance metrics such as CPU and memory usage, network throughput, and uptime. You can select a time range to view historical metrics.

See Viewing Metrics for more information.

Using a VPN With Node.js Apps

You can connect Node.js apps hosted in Cloud Integration to services running on-premise in your network using a virtual private network (VPN). This is referred to as hybrid connectivity. See Hybrid Connectivity Overview for more details on VPNs.

The VPN used for an app is configured on the Environment controls tab of an App details page.

You must first create a VPN as described in Creating a VPN Connection. See Using a VPN in an App for more details.

Using Sandboxes With Node.js Apps

Sandboxes are logical partitions which can be used to organize or categorize different apps. You can move Node.js apps between sandboxes. You can also create, list, update, or delete sandboxes.

See Using Sandboxes for more information.

Deleting Node.js Apps

Like other app types, you can delete Node.js apps from the Apps page.

See Deleting an App for more information.