Getting an App from the Marketplace

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration users can create TIBCO Flogo® or TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect apps and place them in the Marketplace to provide samples and examples of how to solve common integration problems. Apps that are available in the Marketplace can be installed in your organization where you can use them for your own integrations. You can install an app directly from the Marketplace or using the Create App dialog accessed from the Apps list. See Creating an App from a Marketplace Listing.


Note: Best practice is to install and test Marketplace listings in a test organization to verify that the assets work as expected before installing and running listings in a production organization.
Get an app from the Marketplace
  1. Navigate to the Marketplace and select the listing you want to install.
  2. In the right pane, select either Get or Request, depending on how the provider configured the listing. Selecting Get installs the app immediately. Selecting Request sends an access request to the provider. When the provider approves the request, the button changes to Get and you can install the app.
  3. After selecting Get to install the app, a pop-up displays stating that a copy of the app will be created in your organization. It also warns you about the information that is collected and shared with the provider's organization.

  4. Click the End User License Agreement (EULA) link, review the EULA, and check the I agree confirmation check box.
  5. Click Create app. The new app displays on the Apps List.
  6. On the Apps List, select the new app and complete the configuration.
Tip: If you are having trouble locating the new app, sort the Apps List by Modified Date to bring the newest app to the top of the list.
Remove an app

To uninstall an app, delete it from the Apps List.

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