TIBCO Cloud™ Integration Marketplace

The Marketplace provides access to connectors, plug-ins, extensions, apps, and accelerators. These contributions or Marketplace listings are developed and provided by TIBCO, TIBCO partners, independent software vendors, and TIBCO Cloud™ Integration users to help with your integration projects. Use cases for Marketplace listings include: 

When you select Marketplace from the menu, the left panel displays a series of filters used to help locate a particular listing. The middle pane displays cards for items selected using the filter with general information about the listing. When you select a Marketplace listing, the details about that listing are available in the right pane, including any actions you can perform for that listing.

Access to the features and functions of the Marketplace varies depending on your role in the organization and whether you are installing an existing Marketplace contribution or providing your own Marketplace contribution. See User Roles Permissions Matrix. Review the Marketplace Features and Functions table for detailed field and function information.


Note: Best practice is to install and test Marketplace listings in a test organization to verify that the assets work as expected before installing and running listings in a production organization.

Marketplace Features and Functions




Searches for Marketplace listing names that contain the characters entered in the Search field. Search results are retained until you remove the value in the Search field, even if you navigate away from the page and return later.

Request new contribution

If you search for a contribution, such as a connector, and you can't find what you need, use the Request new contribution link to contact TIBCO and ask us. It may already be in the works.



Clear all

Resets each set of filters to All removing any configured filter restrictions.

Sort by

Sorts the listing cards displayed in the center pane by Display Name or Last Certified Date.

Asset Type

Filters based on the type of contribution. Types include:

  • All - Displays all asset types and removes the asset type filter.
  • Connector - Displays connectors for TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect and TIBCO Flogo®, extensions for TIBCO Flogo®, and plug-ins for TIBCO BusinessWorks.
  • Applications - Displays apps for TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect and TIBCO Flogo®.
    Note: Apps for TIBCO BusinessWorks and Node.js are not supported in the Marketplace.
  • Accelerator - Displays contributions provided by TIBCO that do not have an associated asset, such as links to Community articles that provide solutions to common use-case scenarios .


Filters based on the capability supported by the asset. Types include: 

  • All - Displays all capabilities and removes the selected capability filter.
  • Develop - Displays TIBCO Flogo® listings.
  • Connect - Displays TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect listings.
  • Integrate - Displays TIBCO BusinessWorks listings.
  • Other - Displays any listings that do not fall under a specific capability.

More filters

Filter options include: 

  • All - Displays all listings and removes the special filters.
  • My Org Listings - Displays listings provided and managed by your organization.
  • Free - Displays any listings that do not require payment.
  • Paid - Displays listings that require payment.


Filter listings by tags assigned to specific listings. Tag options are provided by TIBCO and cannot be modified.

Listing Details



Name of the listing, such as a connector or app name.


Version number or date and time of creation for the listing.


Indicates the type of capability for the listing. See Capability in the Filters section of this table.


Indicates the type of asset for the listing. See Asset Type in the Filters section of this table.


Displays the number of Likes for this listing. Clicking the Like icon allows you to add a Like for this listing. You can only add one Like per listing. The provider or owner of the listing cannot add a Like to their own listing. Click Like a second time to remove your vote.


Indicates the display status for this listing.

  • Public - The listing can be seen by users in any organization.
  • Private - The listing can be seen only by users in the managing organization, any organizations that have been granted access, and any organizations that have installed this asset. The lock icon indicates that the listing is private in the managing organization.
  • Pending TIBCO approval - The listing has been submitted to TIBCO for approval to be made Public. This may be a new listing or an updated listing.
  • Access revoked - Access to the listing has been revoked by the provider.
  • Request Rejected - Request for access to the listing has been rejected by the provider.


Indicates whether or not there is a cost associated with this listing.

  • Free - The listing is free to use.
  • Paid - The listing requires a paid key or token from the vendor. Contact the vendor or provider for more information.

Install Options/Status

Indicates the availability and installation status of the listing.

  • Access revoked - The provider of this listing has revoked your access. Select the shortcut menu on the Access revoked button. Indicate that you understand that you must remove or uninstall the listing.
  • Get - Installs the listing in your organization. If the listing is an app, the new app displays on the Apps List page, and the Get button does not change. The name of the new app is based on the name of the original app, not the name of the listing for the app. If the listing is a TIBCO Scribe® Online connector the button changes to Installed and you can access it to configure a connection on the Connections page.
  • Installed - Applies only to connectors and plug-ins. TIBCO BusinessWorks plug-ins and TIBCO Flogo® connectors are always installed and cannot be uninstalled.

    TIBCO Scribe® Online connectors used with TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect are installed on your Connect cloud agent and any Connect on-premise agents you have configured and running. If a TIBCO Scribe® Online connector is Installed, Admin users can select Uninstall from the shortcut menu on the Installed button to remove it.

  • Request - Sends a request to the provider asking for access. The button changes to Get when access has been granted to your organization.

Distributed by

Displays the name of the managing organization or TIBCO Software Inc..

Certified on

Indicates when the connector or plug-in was certified.

Last update on

Indicates the date of the last update to this listing.

Asset name

Displays the name of the listing.


Displays a short description of the listing specified by the provider.


Link to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

View additional info

Link to a URL included by the provider for additional information such as documentation or marketing materials.

Listing Shortcut Menu

Edit Details

Opens the Edit marketplace listing dialog where you can edit information about the listing, such as the name or description, but not the contents of the listing itself. Updating a Public listing sets it back to Private and it must be submitted to TIBCO for approval to be made Public.

Manage Access For Orgs

Opens the Manage Access dialog where you can manage access to the listing for another organization. See Managing Organization Listings in the Marketplace.

Change Visibility to Public

Submits a private listing to TIBCO for approval to be made Public.

Change Visibility to Private

Hides a public listing from the Marketplace. Users in your organization, users who already have this listing installed, and users in an organization that has been granted access can still see and access the listing.

Withdraw pending listing

If you have submitted a listing to TIBCO for approval so that it can be public, you can use this option to withdraw that submission.

Delete listing Delete a listing from the Marketplace. See Deleting a Marketplace Listing.