Creating an App from a Marketplace Listing

Existing TIBCO Flogo®, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect On schedule and On event apps can be added to the Marketplace where they can be used as templates for new apps. Marketplace listings can be accessed directly from the Marketplace or from the Create App dialog. See Getting an App from the Marketplace.


For additional details on Create App dialog options see Creating an App and Create/Import App Dialog.

  1. Log in to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.
  2. On the Apps list, select Create/Import. The Create window is displayed.

  3. Select a category on the left that identifies the type of integration you need. If you are familiar with the app type you want, select All app types.
  4. Select the Create action for a specific app type from the list on the right. Note that if the plan you purchased does not entitle you to use an app type, that type is disabled. For other options, see Creating an App.
  5. Based on the app type selected, compatible Marketplace listings display at the bottom of the screen. Click a listing to select it. To find a listing: 
    1. Search - Enter part or all of the listing name to filter the Marketplace listings.
    2. Tags - Enter part or all of a tag name to filter the Marketplace listings.
    3. Scroll - Use the arrows on either side of the Marketplace listings to scroll through the list.
  6. Once you have selected a listing, scroll down and click the Get button.

  7. A pop-up displays stating that a copy of the app will be created in your organization. It also warns you about the information collected and shared with the provider's organization.

  8. Click the End User License Agreement (EULA) link, review the EULA, and check the I agree confirmation check box.
  9. Click Create app. The App Details page for the new app displays. See App Details Page.

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